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Forsaken Pits is a prototype that seeks to test the difference between using an ordinary heads-up display and an implementation of ingame information.

It is a stealth game that encourages the player to think strategically when approaching your escape from the deadly Forsaken Pits. Take control of Chloe, a wrongfully imprisoned peasant, trying to escape the clutches of the corrupt prison guard.



Mikkel Otte Pedersen

Lucas Alexander Nielsen

Damian Daniel Jørgensen

Tobias Havmøller Secher


Tue Sander

Nicolai Pej Vesterdahl

Install instructions

1. Download Game below

2. Unpack .zip to desired folder

3. Double-click .exe file to start

4. Select graphical settings (Low-end computers should use lower graphics)

5. Press 'Start'


Forsaken Pits.zip 137 MB

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